Is your business going to launch a fresh website or update a website? Some businesses take on the job of generating a part of the material for their website to avoid overburdening budgets, even if they work with a web developer or marketing company to “do the remainder.”

However, they often discover that creating content is typically the most time-consuming component of developing or refreshing a website – in reality, the content creation was the most painful component of each of the more than 20 website projects that I have worked on. Plain and simple, there is often a lot of material to be created to complete a website, and not only is it time-consuming, but many bosses are also expecting perfection right of the bat. This results in a lot of over-promising and under-delivery on the timeline of the project, adding to the process more stress.

To assist avoid potential issues offer the following guidance to help:

  1. Set a Realistic Timeline
  2. Work on strategy
  3. Work as a team
  4. Continue to improve.

As Seth Godin once said:

“If you can make a decision once, then the question isn’t should I do it? It’s what will I do?

If you make the decision once to be a vegan, then you don’t need to have a discussion with yourself every single night about whether or not to have a hamburger.

If you make the decision to blog every single day, then the only discussion I have to have with myself is what’s the best blog post I can write — not should I write a post. 

As (Saturday Night Live Producer) Lorne Michaels has said, ‘Saturday Night Live doesn’t go on because it’s ready. It goes on because it’s 11:30.’”

Seth Godin