Video Interview with Zacharria in Adelaide

Here is my latest interview with Musician and singer Zacharria. We chat about his story so far, Marketing, Social Media in Adelaide, and what it takes to be successful in a really tough industry.

Key Points are:

Zacharria has been singing since he was in grade 2 and writing songs since he was 15 years old.  He writes his owns songs and he has decided to make a cool new album which has just come out and is available on iTunes.

Fresh FM have been so helpful on his journey so far.  It’s a great platform for him and they have given him great support over the past few years and he has really enjoyed working with them here in Adelaide.

He thinks the Melody is important for a great song.  The best part is singing for him is to sing at the top of your lungs, its like a purge you just need to get it out.  He also thinks that being creative you have to be prepared to do the hard yards, and you have to have thick skin.  You need to be vulnerable and to be prepared for judgement by people but that the judgement will help you have a thicker skin.

Why is marketing and Social Media so important?

Currently I am using Instagram, Facebook and he is on iTunes.  Using someone like Anthony Caruso is going to help me and progress my music and my career. He wants to Sell millions of records or get as many likes as possible.  He says you need to embrace the silence and it will start slow.  But you need to imagine the future, as long as your doing what you love and can be patient then it will all be ok.

Check out his Album below.

Zacharria’s Album link here.

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