Mobile search indexing explained

I sat down with Version directors Simon and Michael to discuss Google’s mobile first indexing and what that means for your website.

What does it mean?

Essentially it means that your website adapts well to both tablet and mobile devices.  So that what you see on the desktop or laptop will look very different to what you see on tablet or mobile device.  You can check what it looks like on your desktop or pc by dragging your your browser screen to a smaller size and you’ll see if it fits and reconfigures its elements  to change suit.

So what does responsive mean?  It basically means we rewrite a set of rules in the code that say okay for the screens this size display like this it’s this size display like this and cascading down to the smallest version and you can turn things off or on based on the screen size so some things that.  To check  your mobile site you get a little icon usually three little lines which they call the Hamburger.

Google have actually started in the last few months penalising sites in the search if they aren’t mobile friendly.  So what they are doing is on a search for a mobile device your page will not rank well as compared to a site that is mobile friendly.