VLOG with Travis from Designtech Studio discussing, social media in Adelaide.

Lets talk about your journey and how you got into Architecture?

“I started 6 or 7 years ago and decided to have a crack.  I have grown from there, I started working from home and now have a  team of 4 including myself”.

Any advice you give somebody who might be watching this that they can feel that learn something from the video either work or study?

I guess back yourself have faith in yourself and your own abilities, if you don’t no one else is going to.  There is always someone who is quite negative about what you want to do, but if it’s something you want to do, then have a crack.

Is there a current project being built at the moment and where is it located?

There is a large project being built down at Henley Beach at the moment and will get a few phone calls a week for that project. It is a four story house on the Esplanade, just near Henley square.

How do you use social media currently?

Yes, so we have our website, I also use use Facebook Instagram and Houzz. Houzz again is a free platform out there, we’ve helped you got some jobs into leads through that site.

Anything exciting happening in the next few months here?

We have moved into new offices a couple of months ago, so we are almost at a point now where the fitout is complete, so that’s exciting and we also have some large scale projects nearing completion, which will be good to see and some big jobs about to start construction.

Designtech Studio have moved into new offices at 378 Goodwood Rd Cumberland Park.  Contact Travis on 0402 117 445 for a chat about your next project.

Or there website www.designtechstudio.com.au

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