Business to Business Marketing with Social Media in Adelaide

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing on Social Media is not new, yet the usage is getting more common among businesses. Social is quickly becoming the most powerful form of media because of the sheer numbers of users, the engagement levels (when done right) and the targeting possible for paid placements.

Even if not being on Facebook means not showing up in the largest social-media conversation on the planet. You can certainly find top brands like NIKE and TOM Shoes are using the Facebook platform well. However, if your business is smaller than these, you should still pay attention to what is going on here in 2018 to position better your company.

My preference for being an authority or giving away advice to consumers or customers is to be genuine and show them something that ads value.  Maybe it’s stating your views on a website about how you think TV ads don’t work or that you think cold calling doesn’t work any more.  Then explain why you think that is and the reason behind your thoughts.  This hopefully leads to conversations about your opinion and then you are at least having a conversation.  Who knows where that conversation takes you.

Maybe it takes you to Singapore to discuss your opinion further?  Or to a networking event in Adelaide about how you help clients with the HR?

Be aware of shameless self-promotion versus strategic storytelling! So many people disconnect their potentially raving tribe of fans and followers by going straight for the kill rather than building value through strategic posting.